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✔   Sustainable, carbon offset & personalised gifts
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Premium gifts with products & experiences sourced locally
Gifts that empower the recipient & our community
Designing a circular gifting lifecycle with positive impact
The research shows people prefer to choose

Give gifts people (actually) want

Give the gift of choice through our simple and engaging 'Select Your Gift' online app. Take control of design, messaging, and gift collections to align perfectly with your brand, goals and values.
We're partnering with Toitū Envirocare

Measure & reduce your carbon footprint

Understand the carbon impact of your corporate gifting through our partnership with Toitū Envirocare. Our entire gifting lifecycle is designed to manage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Intelligent, data driven gifting

Finally understand your ROI

Set and reach campaign goals, integrate KPI's, receive feedback and capture survey responses. The best part? Take full control of your corporate gift spend - only pay for gifts that are redeemed.
It's easy to send 1 or 1,000 gifts

Nurture each & every relationship

Make the gift experience personalised and meaningful for every recipient with intelligent data collection, combining your employee and client data with their individual lifestyle and dietary preferences.

gifts with sustainable impact.

Give Gifts People Want.
54% of those who receive corporate gifts said they have thrown away at least one gift without even using it.
Spend Your Budget Wisely.
$3 billion worth of gift cards go unused each year. In New Zealand alone, we spend $10 million on unused gift cards.
Reduce Gift Waste.
$400 million was spent on 10 million unwanted gifts last Christmas, many of which were discarded and likely ended up in landfill. (UK)
Make it Personal.
Nearly half of all businesses send the same items to every client or staff member on their list.

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✔   Register in 30 seconds, we'll reply within 24 hours
✔   Sustainable, carbon offset, personalised
✔   We scale with your budget and business size
✔   One off, events or gifting throughout the year
✔   New Zealand & Australia: Registrations open!
✔   Customised service & premium support
Gift With Impact
Physical gift cards presented as favours to all semi-finalist at award night dinner.
Total Budget
$19,140 GST excl
220 Award Finalists
Campaign Date
12 August
✔ Budget
✔ Design
✔ Gifts

It's easy to send a gift

Send gifts by email
All you need is an email address to send your a gift in just a few clicks. Perfect for one off occassions.
Deliver physical gift cards
Compostable gift cards designed with your brand and message. Great for events and on-brand marketing.
Create and schedule campaigns
Send gifts at scale, track feedback and metrics - Plus, only pay for gifts redeemed.
✔   Our easy-to-integrate technology makes personalised gifting at scale quick and easy.
✔   Design on-brand gift collections that match your values. Give the gift of choice with our simple and engaging 'Select Your Gift' online app.
✔   We take care of the entire gift delivery process for you + capture feedback from the recipients gifting journey.

1 or 1,000 gifts, you can make it personal

✔   Give the gift of choice through our engaging 'Select Your Gift' experience
✔   Give your recipient the option to donate their gift value to a charity of their choice
✔   Gift an experience that supports local businesses including sustainable travel, accommodation, local restaurant, spa vouchers and more
✔   Make sure everyone is included, our gift collections cater for individuals, couples, families, groups and teams
✔   Never worry about dietary preferences, we prioritise inclusive gifts for every lifestyle
✔   Take full control of your corporate gift spend - Only pay for gifts that are redeemed
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We have a gift for everyone

Hundreds of sustainable gift options
Access our one-of-a-kind gift catalogue full of products and services that prioritise sustainability, ethical production, supporting local & waste-free gift packaging.
Gifts for every budget and occasion
It's quick and easy to send a gift. All you need is an email address and you can send your first gift in mere moments.
Strive for inclusivity & accessibility
Our gift catalogue is designed with inclusivity at the forefront, including options for dietary, lifestyle preferences, and disabilities.
Gift With Impact
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Self Development
Thank You
New Baby
Client Contract
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Long Service
Inclusive & Accessible
Dietary Friendly
Disability Friendly
Alcohol Free
Gender Diversity
Lifestyle Preferences
Design + Branding


Ready to Start Gifting
With Impact comes out-of-the-box with everything you need to start sustainable gifting in your business. All you need is an email address to send your first gift in mere moments.
Add Your Brand Style
Take full control of the design and branding of your gift process. Our team works alongside you to craft a custom, memorable gifting presence for your business.
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How to get started

Register your interest
We work alongside leaders in sustainable business. Sound like you? Book a demo and we'll be in touch to start building a custom solution that meets your gifting needs.
Customise your gifting solution
Our entire corporate gifting portal and experience can be styled to match your brand, messaging and values. Mix-and-match gift selections or build your own, with hundreds of value driven suppliers to choose from.
Create campaigns and start sending gifts
Hit the ground running, our platform makes it easy and automatic to send 1 to 1,000 gifts in mere moments. Questions? We're here to help, ensuring everyone gets the most out of your new gifting platform.

All the features you’ll need.

Hundreds of physical, digital and community gifts
All gift products and services prioritise sustainable and ethical values and are sourced from local businesses in New Zealand and Australia.
Scalable technology for gifting both individuals and teams
Quick, easy and thoughtful. We handle the entire gift process. Whether it's 1 or 1,000 gifts, our software is designed to add a personal touch.
Understand the carbon impact of your gifting
Minimise carbon emissions with our Toitū Envirocare partnership. New Zealand’s leading, internationally recognised science based solution
Access gifting analytics & measure your full ROI
Send gift campaigns, integrate surveys and capture feedback. Connect and focus for any audience: Staff, clients, executives and more.
Gain oversight on your budget and reduce your spend
Take full control of your corporate gift spend - only pay for gifts that are redeemed. Receive credits and cash refunds for any gifts that remain unclaimed.
Make it your own and add your brand style
Take full control of your design, messaging and gift collections. Collect data, ask for feedback, receive thank you notes and more.


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